U.S.D.A. Prime boneless ribeye steak

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U.S.D.A. Prime boneless ribeye steak $20.99 lb

2 reviews for U.S.D.A. Prime boneless ribeye steak

  1. Jhoni

    Ribeye and Prime Rib are from the same cut of meat if you are wanting to do a small prime rib (boneless) then just ask btcuher at most grocery stores to cut you a 2-3 lb boneless Prime Rib. Most will do it no problem,and they will usually tie up the roast as to not get mis shaped. Ribeye, although from the same loin, is usually cut from the fat cap end, meaning it is more marbled than what you may fine in a prime rib. That or just do a whole prime rib, use the left overs, for beef stew, stroganoff, endless options there:) Good luck,References :

  2. Buster Douglas

    Five stars, not for the meat, but for the ass clown that wrote the previous review. On behalf of the human race, I’d like to personally congratulate you on being today’s #1 dipshit I’ve encountered on the Internet. Bravo, even though it’s two years old. People like you are the worst part of the first amendment. Out here writing shit reviews on a small business that’s trying to live the American Dream and likely raise their family. Side note, I just inhaled a bone-in dry aged ribeye from the butcher block. A customer of mine is also a customer of the butcher block, and he was generous enough to bring me two cuts of this fine example. I cooked it up with some fresh herbs from a local grower, and Lawd Jeezus did it taste great.

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